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If you’re a small business owner caught up in the tumultuous social and economic climate at the moment it’s undoubtedly a stressful time! It’s no longer ‘business as usual’. Jobs are being lost.  Doors are closing.  Sales are down. Uncertainty reigns supreme… and the lack of clarity is unsettling to say the least!

You may have noticed your marketing isn’t working as effectively as it used to.  You may have noticed a downturn in conversions, email open rates, engagement, and enquiries. You may be experiencing dramatic loss of sales.  People’s attention is being FOCUSED away from you.  Away from your messaging.  Away from their usual interests and problems… and this disconnect towards you and your business will prove disastrous if you don’t do something fast!

It’s during times like these that CONNECTION becomes the most valuable asset in business. 

 👉Connection to business leaders adapting FAST to the changing market…

 👉Connection to proven marketing and media strategies...

 👉Connection to more of YOUR ideal customers (who’s purchasing habits seem to have changed overnight!)

To improve your ‘connect-ability’ during uncertain economic times, it makes sense to start at the foundation of connection - communication.  Communication between you and your customers, and communication between you and your community.  

A key part of communication is the WORDS and MESSAGING you use… when, where and to who AKA everything: Copy, Marketing and Media!

And here’s what I know: The best strategies always start with understanding your ideal customer’s URGENCY GATEWAY and positioning your service/product as the BEST solution to their most urgent problem.

This may require a significant pivot to your business right now.  It may require changes to your existing sales funnels, copy, headlines, and messaging.  BUT it will be those who can adapt and pivot fast enough that will ultimately thrive during the down turn.

If you’re looking for PROVEN strategies to bolster yourself against the tsunami of unprecedented changes happening in business right now… then you’re in the right place, and you’re definitely not alone.

We’re in this together; here’s how I can help:

Discover How You Can Keep Head Above Water - With These  Three Business Essentials...

Converting Copy

The most important thing!

Once you've identified your ideal customer, the next step is to start writing copy that speaks directly to your ideal customer and to ensure it's copy that converts.

That means using language that taps into the desires, values and fears of your ideal customer.

Without this, your business will flounder.

Media Coaching & Training

Even in the current virus crisis, the media need stories, so why not yours?

Purposely engaging in TV, radio, print and podcast interviews is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to grow your profile, market leadership, authority and recognition. 

We can coach you through each step of your media journey.  We can teach you how to do it all or we can come up with a tailored package and work alongside you.

Marketing Audits

Have you had an objective eye run across all of your marketing material...we're talking websites, social media, the images and the copy that you use?

A marketing audit can transform your business and provide you with a road map to marketing that matters and converts.

Now is a great time to have your website combed through, top to bottom, and see where it can be improved to increase your conversions.

If you don’t have as many clients as you’d like… and if you struggle with the idea of getting more people to buy from you…then you need assistance with your marketing and implementing words that influence. 

Words that influence decision making.

"Nicole's knowledge and teaching showed me where the opportunities are for my business and she opened doors to people I never would have had the possibility or would have thought to have met.  

 Within two weeks I became a regular on Channel 9’s The Pulse.  This is only the beginning. For anyone thinking of working with Nic, I highly recommend her.”

Cara Little, Pure.Home.Body

"Got a business or story to share? You NEED to work with Nicole. If you don’t think your biz has a media angle, she’ll fix that!  Thanks to her 1 day course, I went from “Next year, when I’ve lost 5kg/got a new website/biz is bigger/not as busy” to page 3 of the newspaper, first go!​

You’ll leave her session with a tangible, ready-to-go media release, the EXACT way to get it out there, your next move if it doesn’t work, and the confidence to hit send. This woman walks her talk. Thank you so much Nicole."

Elise McNamara, The Chicken Coach

"Before I started working with Nicole, I thought I knew how to craft a Press Release... and boy was I wrong!  Since then, armed with all the knowledge she imparted, I've been interviewed in The Courier Mail, Triple M Radio & ABC radio, 6PR and have been interviewed by Channel Nine twice. 

 I’ve also had pieces featured for both my business and our clients in newspapers.  This has bought new clients directly to us, clients that would otherwise have not known about us. I highly recommend anyone in business to work with Nicole Ashby."

Megan Del Borello, Behind The Brands

"If I can do it, you can too!" 

"I’ve had some great media wins in a very short time frame including TV, radio and print and even had my flights from Perth to Sydney paid for to be interviewed on Studio Ten!

I can't recommend Nicole and High-Profit Media highly enough to help launch you to where you wish to be with your business or brand. I am constantly applying her amazing knowledge to situations that I encounter and all with continued success."

Caroline McMahon, Caroline's Angels    

"The media traction has been amazing!"

Thank you Nicole for your advice and direction. I sent off 3 media releases 4 days after your workshop. Within 10 days, I have been on radio, in the newspaper and followed by the local news. The traction has been amazing and the media now consider me as one of their experts just  3 months later!. I would recommend High-Profit Media to EVERYONE!

Belinda Edan, Troop Employment  

About Us

The team at High-Profit Media consist of highly successful business people, fronted by Nicole Ashby.  

Nicole (Nicci) Ashby boot strapped her first business, FIFO Families, in 2010,  making a massive impact on the mining, oil and gas industry by advocating for workers and families who were living the fly-in-fly-out lifestyle.

With a husband working off shore on a roster on 28 days on and 28 days off, Nicole found herself isolated and alone, solo parenting three children aged 4.5 and under whilst her husband was away. Tapping into her social work and teaching skills, she decided to do something to help the 100,000 FIFO workers and their families (predominantly the wives and female partners at home) across the country, through her company, FIFO Families.

As FIFO work opportunities escalated around Australia, more and more women were crying out for community and connection as they found themselves isolated and alone and left to parent for weeks on their own. 

Using clear and direct messaging, Nicole rode the wave of being a "first mover" in a flourishing market and took part in 390 media interviews over a 5 year period, to bring her message to more and more people.  Outlets such as The Project, Today Show, The Australian, ABC and BBC radio, The Financial Review, SBS News, 7.30...and pretty much every newspaper across the country.  She took her message to market and people listened.  From the CEO of the biggest mining/oil/gas companies such as Rio Tinto and Shell, to the leaders of all the major political parties Labor, Liberal and Greens.  This also resulted in Nicole being head hunted not once, but twice, to enter Federal politics and she has since been approached to enter local and state politics.

Nicole is a natural leader and creator of community.  She helped thousands of women and their families to transition to a FIFO lifestyle by supporting and educating them and providing access to tools to enable families to flourish.

It's a fact she can help people in challenging situations.  She has been proven to not only be successful at business, but a leader and mentor in business and communities.   She is a dual finalist in the Telstra Business Woman Of The Year Awards, the Telstra Business Of The Year Awards and a dual winner in the West Australian 40Under40 awards.

Nicole and her family have recently returned to her home state of Victoria, where she is again creating community and connection for women, this time female founders.

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