Discover Support, Connection & Business Growth Opportunities With "The Queens' Counsel..."

Local Ballarat based group mentoring for aspiring female founders (aka Queen's) who are serious about scaling and growing their business.

How fantastic would it be to have all the support, connection, community and camaraderie you need to build your business and increase your profits, right here in Ballarat?

At the moment, you might feel as though there’s little in regards to advice,  guidance and genuine heart connected support for female founders, locally.

And not knowing who to turn to can cause all sorts of problems… not the least being feeling isolated and siloed in your business.

Sometimes you feel like your “to do” list is never going to end...

Sometimes you feel like all you’ve done for the day is drown in the admin tasks of your business.

And when you reached out to one or two business network groups, you found them filled with “employees” wanting to sell you a new insurance quote, credit card or list your house for sale.

It’s not the supportive growth environment you had in mind.

And besides that, because they’re employees of other businesses, they have no idea what it takes to build or run a successful and highly profitable business!

They can’t help you!

Imagine… having connection, community, support and camaraderie right here, on your doorstep!

Imagine… knowing that you’re in the right place and the right community to build that profitable business you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine… your profit levels building to a point that makes the everyday stress of debt, increasing bills and ongoing payments a thing of the past.

Well, now you can… and you can be a part of a very special group right here in Ballarat.

 It’s called, The Queens' Counsel!

A Trusted Community

Chatham House rules apply!  Yep, we live in a relatively small community.  Be assured your group is a trusted source of confidentiality and support where being open is key. There's no sharing of discussions outside of our group... what happens in the Queens' Counsel stays in the Queens' Counsel!

The Best Ideas Bouncing Platform!

Much of what we do involves discussion, venting frustrations, sharing wins and bouncing ideas of each other.  This is where you gain invaluable insight and advice into what can work for you and your business.

Understanding & Validation

You will feel welcomed, like you've had the biggest, warmest hug!.  Women in business understand other women in business and this group is designed specifically for you, to help you grow not just your business but also you!

Build Relationships That Matter

Friendship is something that naturally occurs in these settings.  Meeting fortnightly means you'll get to know the other women in the group really well and form new friendships that may well last forever!

"If you’re challenged with developing your business further than where it is today, then The Queens' Counsel might just hold the right promise for you."

It gives you access to a lead mentor who has walked the business path you desire.

Nicole (Nicci) Ashby is an award wining entrepreneur who has been in business for the past 10 years.  She's is a dual Telstra Business Woman Of The Year Finalist,  a Telstra Business Of The Year Finalist and a dual winner of Perth's 40Under40 awards to prestigious business leaders.

Nicole is an experienced mentor for women in business and this will be her third time facilitating such a group.

What's involved?

  • 👉 You, committing to a 12 month journey of showing up, contributing and valuing yourself the other women in the group.
  • 👉 Attending the fortnightly sessions.  One session will be up to one hour (over Zoom) and the other session will be face to face for up to two hours. Please note the days and times will be allocated once the group is formed
  • 👉 You, being happy to share ideas, roadblocks, bumps, hiccups, misfortunes and to also celebrate the wins of your business and that of others.
  • 👉 You'll listen to the other women in the group and offer value and feedback without harsh criticism.
  • 👉 If you miss a session, that's okay but please know that you get from this group is what you put into it.

  • 👉 Two weekends away will be offered, at an extra cost, where we can go away as a group, away from kids, fur kids, sports and other distractions where we can have time away and time out to work on our business.  If you can attend, hooray, if not, that's okay too.

What Others Say


Being a part of this group has been so invaluable, to be surrounded by incredible like-minded businesswomen, and catch up regularly has been fantastic for me personally and my business.

What I love the most is that it is a safe space, and you know anything discussed will stay in the group, a group of really supportive, dynamic women.

I cannot recommend being a part of this highly enough. "

Kate Davis 

Plate Up Ballarat


Being a part of Nicole’s mentoring group has given me the confidence to go after bigger clients, to outsource and to appreciate my worth as a businesswoman.

With this group of sensational ladies as a sounding board, the last year of business has seen me smashing goals as well as blowing my earning records out of the water ...                all throughout a global pandemic."

Emma Duzhnikov
Photographer & Creative Specialist, The Duzhnikova


This group has been invaluable for me both professionally and personally.  It has been so beneficial to meet with this incredible group of business women on a regular basis to help grow my business.  

The support, enthusiasm and having my own cheer squad has seen me through a challenging growth phase of my business.

Thank you to Nicci for leading the group with so much enthusiasm, support and a genuine desire to see us all succeed."

Kate Pierce
Social Media Marketer

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