Discover How To Identify Your Ideal Customer To Amplify Your Business Growth, Faster

The #1 misunderstanding in business is that you can market your product or service to everyone!

Trying to market to everyone is why most marketing fails to influence or persuade specific individuals as to why your product or service is the best fit for them!

The clearer you are about who you are marketing to the more successful your business becomes.

When you try and market to everyone, your message lacks specific persuasive characteristics.  In order to try and target everyone, your message becomes diluted so you can fit everyone within it.

And in the competitive world of marketing and advertising, your message gets lost and loses the impacts to need to generate sales.

For marketing to be successful, you need to know exactly who your ideal customer is.

The outcomes you help people achieve need to be spoken to a specific person… an ideal representative of the people you seek to serve.

Your avatar defines that person, giving you increased levels of clarity and authority in your marketing.

Otherwise, it's like throwing darts at a dartboard whilst blindfolded...hoping that at least of one your darts will hit the dartboard.  Marketing blindly, is never an effective strategy.

This means you end up competing at the hit and miss end of the market for customers.  At the hit and miss end of the market spectrum, people always want best price...not best value.

For most business people, it's not possible to make a lucrative income at that end of the business spectrum.

This is your invitation to uncover who your lucrative ideal customer, your avatar, is.

Imagine, writing emails and social media posts that lead to increased sales and extra dollars in the bank!

Imagine, people, responding to your offers and paying what you're worth.


This is what can happen when you identify who your ideal customer is!

This is exactly what the upcoming webinar for "Discover How To Identify Your Ideal Customer To Amplify Your Business Growth, Faster",  on Thursday 25th Feb @ 7pm AEST will allow you to do.

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If you have something to sell and you want to sell it fast, you must have absolute clarity on who you are selling to, aka, your avatar!  Join the webinar and discover...

  • Why it's so important to speak directly to your ideal customer
  • How to identify who is the most lucrative group of customers that you can point and target your marketing at
  • The core demographics and psychographics of your ideal customer
  • The true solution you offer
  • Why you need to understand the transformative outcomes you help people achieve (as opposed to what you do)
  • What the urgency gateway of your ideal customer is and why it leads to a faster-growing business
  •  The gateway to opening your business to six and seven figure incomes

It's impossible to target high conversion core marketing messages if you don't know who your ideal customer is!

Not only is it impossible, but it's downright exhausting trying to sell to everyone.

Your marketing messages become lost, drowned out and muted in over saturated markets.

If feels that the harder you work, the more emails you write and the more social media posts you do, the less your results are.

You begin to question what you're are you going to level up your business with low response rates?  Maybe you're considering throwing in the towel and returning to a paid job?

PLEASE, don't do that! 

Not without first taking the time and opportunity to clearly identify your avatar and marketing directly to them.

You Don't Have To Be Everything To Everyone...In Fact...You Can't!

BUT you can start marketing to your avatar with crystal clear clarity for increased conversions and profits!

Have you heard the old saying, "An inch wide and a mile deep"?

It's made in reference to having a clearly identified avatar.  The more clarity you have on this small defined target, the better, as it may only be an inch wide but it run infinitely deep.

For example, if you had a program that encouraged people to get fit and back in shape, you would be clever and have more money in the bank, if you targeted a specific demographic. Let's say, women aged between 30 and 40 who have had children.

"But why would I want to do that?" may be asking.  

Honing in on a specific demographic, allows you talk directly to their wants, needs, pain points and problems and this is exactly where the profits lay.

For example, mum's who want to get back into shape  and who are battling juggling kids and work are tired.  Many have extra skin and sag around their tummy due to having kids. These women have a distinct set of challenges, desires and needs and if this is your avatar you want to speak directly to them.

You're not going to sell them protein powder that promotes muscle clad men in their 20's who spend four hours a day at the gym.  That is a marketing mismatch!

You can demonstrate through your communication that you know, understand and see them and this is hugely powerful to in the world of marketing but also creating connection as a human.

Everyone wants to be heard, understood and validated.

Register for the webinar on February 25th at 7pm AEST and learn the power that comes from understanding and marketing to you avatar.

Finally, you can learn how to communicate effectively to your ideal customer

Improve your confidence in marketing and developing key messages

Uncover the demographics and psychographics for increased sales

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Hi, I'm Nicole Ashby...

Otherwise known as Nicci, and a former stay at home mum to 3 kids and who’s an awarded entrepreneur and businesswoman.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been very clear on who my avatar is, for different areas of my businesses and the results of doing so have been exceptional.

My first business was called FIFO Families and focussed on the avatar of the fly-in-fly-out partner who was left at home for weeks on end with the kids, whilst their partner (in the majority of cases the male), worked in the mining/oil/gas industry.

By speaking directly to the problems and challenges that other FIFO wives and mums were having around the country, I grew a very successful business that went on to make a massive impact on Australia’s mining and oil and gas industry. In fact, my family and work for FIFO Families is now acknowledged and featured in the new West Australian museum, Boola Bardip...5 years after I parted ways with the business.

I intimately knew the problems and challenges that these women were facing as I was facing them too as I was a FIFO mum with three young kids.  This allowed me to articulate the problems to the big mining companies and the government which lead to open discussions and much change.

Greetings I'm Paul Counsel

a once broke businessperson who transformed into a multimillionaire.

For 13 years, I struggled financially as a small business owner.

Then I discovered how to turn words into dollars and rocked my revenues to multiple 7 figures.  I've harnessed the power of words to generate millions of dollars of copy for clients around the globe.

The cornerstone to my business success is understanding exactly who my ideal customer, my avatar, is and marketing directly to them.  It works and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you on this webinar.

Once you understand who your ideal customer is you can begin to produce higher-income streams.

This is critical to your business success.

We can’t stress how much easier your marketing will be once you understand the power of marketing directly to your lucrative ideal customer.

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar on;

 👉Thursday, February 25th at 7pm AEST for only $7.97

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