Establishing a Business With Young Kids

Our most recent article with Perth based women’s community, Behind The Brands, gives you Nicole’s top 4 tips for establishing a business with young kids; and after setting up a 6 figure business with three children under four while her husband was away working FIFO, she definitely has a tip or two up her sleeve. Read the article here.

How To Harness The Power Of Writing Effective Media Releases

Gaining free media publicity is one of the easiest ways for you to skyrocket your business growth.

Imagine the media coming to you, seeking your opining and views on topics related to your area of expertise? Imagine being the go to person in your industry?

How would it impact your business if people knew your brand and your name?  What if you no longer had to chase customers but that customers started to coming to you? How much easier would that make your life?This can be achieved and in a very quick and

This can be achieved and in a very quick and cost effective manner – getting your name and brand into main stream media circulation just a few times a year.  Yes just a few times a year.

There are various ways to gain media publicity and one of the most traditional and reliable is to write a media release and send to relevant media outlets.

What you must know is that there is a particular way, a formula if you like to write an effective media release.  It isn’t like writing a blog post; in fact it is quite the opposite.  You will find it more challenging to put your own personal flair and feel to a media release, as the formula is concise and specific.Here are some of the most important aspects of writing effective media releases;

Here are some of the most important aspects of writing effective media releases;

  1. The Headline
    The headline must be attention grabbing and is by far the most important aspect of a media release.  Without this, your media release won’t even make it past first base.
  1. Don’t Overly Promote Your Business
    The media want to know about your story and how your business is impacting the local community, or the world…what before and after stories do you have.What are the emotions that you can connect with or to so that the media can then share with their audience? Blatantly promoting your business is a sure fire way of receiving media rejection.
  1. You Only Have Some 500 Words To Play With
    Knowing the formula is essential! Your job is to cover the who, what, why, when and why elements that are relevant to you and your business and you have to do this in approximately 500 words.
  1. KISS Methodology
    Keep it simple and short!Remember the media are pushed for time and you want them to be able to read your media release quickly and get all of the relevant information they need.

    Your media release must be able to be scanned quickly.

    Please avoid jargon and words terms that people can misunderstand or be stumped by.

  1. Call To Action
    What do you want the reader to do? Call you, book in for a consult, come to an event, go to your website, buy product?  Always have clarity on this.
  1. Contact Details
    Ensure your contact details are up to date and easy to read.

Following these simple steps will get you on the way to mastering the world of the media and accelerating your business growth.

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