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Laser-focussed marketing resulting in clarity, connection and increased conversions.

You're in business for a reason. To create a significant income, create more time for you and your family and to live a life of purpose, on your terms.

Ballarat Copywriter Nicole Ashby helps business cope

The problem is...

  • You're working harder than you ever have before
  • You have less time 
  • You're trying to market your services and products to everyone and anyone

You're chasing your tail and wondering how the heck you will...

  • Make a name for yourself to enhance your credibility and authority?
  • Create marketing that leads to increased prospects and profits?
  •  Ever be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and labor?

You also may have noticed your marketing isn't working as effectively as it should be.

You may have noticed a downturn in conversions, email open rates, engagement, and enquiries. You may be experiencing a loss of sales.  

People’s attention is being FOCUSED away from you.  

Away from your messaging.  Away from their usual interests and problems… and this disconnect towards you and your business will prove disastrous if you don’t do something fast!

It’s during times like these that CONNECTION becomes the most valuable asset in business. 


Connection to business leaders adapting FAST to the changing market…

Connection to proven marketing and media strategies...

Connection to more of YOUR ideal customers!

To improve your ‘connect-ability’, it makes sense to start at the foundation of connection - communication.  Communication between you and your customers, and communication between you and your community. 

If you’re looking for PROVEN strategies to bolster yourself against the tsunami of unprecedented changes happening in business right now… then you’re in the right place.

Here's how High-Profit Media can help YOU


How To Identify Your Lucrative Ideal Customer

The clearer you are about your ideal customer, the quicker you can begin to market and communicate with crystal clear precision and accuracy that leads to more "yes's" and dollars in your bank.

Copywriting that converts to leads in Ballarat

Copywriting That Converts Into Leads & Sales

"Copy" is the words on your website, the words you use in your emails and your social media posts. Once you've identified your avatar, you can begin to write highly targeted copy that elicits a direct response from your avatar to do business with you!

Media Training

Learn how to generate your own free media interviews (TV, radio, print and podcasts) so you can improve your credibility and authority in your industry.

You can learn from the HPM or we can do it for you.

Business Mentoring

Feeling stuck in your business? Not sure of how to get to the next stage, or to scale to the next level? We're here to help, whether it's one to one mentoring you need or group mentoring.

“You simply can't market what you do, to everyone. The quicker you realise this & take action in communicating with clarity to your avatar, the greater & faster your results will be."

Ballarat Marketing Specialist Nicole Ashby

A key part of communication is the words and messaging you use...

When, where and to who AKA everything: Copy, Marketing and Media!

And here’s what I know: The best strategies always start with understanding your ideal customer’s URGENCY GATEWAY and positioning your service/product as the BEST solution to their most urgent problem.

This may require a significant adjustment in your business

It may require changes to your existing sales funnels, copy, headlines, and messaging.  BUT it will be those who can adapt fast enough that will ultimately thrive.

Email to arrange a consult.

What Others Say


Being a part of Nicole’s mentoring group has given me the confidence to go after bigger clients, to outsource and to appreciate my worth as a businesswoman.

With this group of sensational ladies as a sounding board, the last year of business has seen me smashing goals as well as blowing my earning records out of the water ...all throughout a global pandemic!"

Emma Duzhnikov

 / The Duzhnikova, Commercial Photographer & Creative Specialist


"Before I started working with Nicole, I thought I knew how to craft a press release... and boy was I wrong!  Since then, armed with all the knowledge she imparted, I've been interviewed in The Courier Mail, Triple M Radio & ABC radio, 6PR and have been interviewed by Channel Nine twice. 

I’ve also had pieces featured for both my business and our clients in newspapers. This has bought new clients directly to us, clients that would otherwise have not known about us. I highly recommend anyone in business to work with Nicole Ashby."

Megan Del Borello

/ Behind The Brands 


"Nicole's knowledge and teaching showed me where the opportunities are for my business and she opened doors to people I never would have had the possibility or would have thought to have met.  

Within two weeks I became a regular on Channel 9’s The Pulse.  This is only the beginning. For anyone thinking of working with Nic, I highly recommend her.”

Cara Little

/ Pure. Home. Body

If you don’t have as many clients as you’d like… and if you struggle with the idea of getting more people to buy from you…then you need assistance with your marketing and implementing words that influence.

Words that influence decision making and lead to increased leads, sales and profits.

"Discover How To Fire Up Your Marketing And Copywriting With Power Words"

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