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High-Profit Media is a small but powerful, heart centred business brought together by West Australian award winning Entrepreneur Nicole Ashby. Like most small business owners Nicole was the same in sharing all the common challenges a business faces with her first venture: FIFO Families... Which later went on to become a globally recognised and trusted brand.

Built from the ground up on a shoestring budget Nicole Ashby learned that by intelligently marketing her business to media companies in print, radio and television, she could have her message and strong value proposition marketed out for her - for free by them... through large, targeted networks of people perfectly aligned to her business who would in turn become customers and create a platform for FIFO Families to grow upon. It was a game-changing strategy which exploded revenue, thrust brand credibility through the roof and allowed that business to grow rapidly and sell in just a few short years.

Today, High-Profit Media is a vessel that allows the very same winning growth strategies and marketing powers of leveraging the media industry for profit to be taught to other entrepreneurs with their businesses so that they can spread their important message to the world too and profit immensely. What Nicole teaches through High-Profit Media is turnkey and implementable by any business across any industry and the rewards are fruitful. Join Nicole at an upcoming workshop or reach out using the contact details below for a personal 1-on-1 discovery session.

What We Do

At High-Profit Media we educate businesses from all walks of industry how to access the media on-tap for their profit. Being featured in the media regularly comes with it financial reward, expert status and brand awareness that spreads like wildfire.


Cara Little

Through Nicole’s teaching I learned how the media work and how I could pursue media as a means to scale and grow my business with minimal capital injection. I learned a number of crucial key insights into the media and simple things that could be done to gain exposure for my business passively. Nic’s knowledge and teaching showed me where the opportunities are for my business and she opened doors to people I never would have had the possibility or would have thought to have met.

Her reputation in the industry is what allowed me to bypass the relationship building stage to “full blown” media integration. Within two weeks I became a regular on Channel 9’s The Pulse and was accepted by Media Stable. I’ve been featured on TV, radio and print and has also lead to being a guest speaker at events. This is only the beginning. For anyone thinking of working with Nic, I highly recommend her.

Lannah Sawers-Diggins

I first met Nicole Ashby in 2016 when I was looking for some professional PR help. When I explained what I was seeking, Nicole surprised me – just a tad - with the advice that I should not pay her or anyone else for such help.
Huh? Here’s a professional PR person who appears to be pushing business away? Did I want to deal with someone like this?
The answer, once Nicole ‘explained herself’ – was an emphatic YES. And I have not regretted a nano-second of following her instructions to the ‘t’. Now, I am a freelance journo in my own right but when it comes to publicising my own book – well, let’s just say I was actually doing quite well but I had reached a stage when I did, very definitely, need a different set of eyes.
You see, Nicole actually teaches her clients to get out there and do their own PR. And she holds courses for this. Believe me, this lady is one very astute, clever, patient and amazing person and a huge mine of information.
Nicole helped me to ‘refine’ my press releases - to get to the point – to catch the eye of the recipients. I am the world’s best waffler – particularly when I am writing about something that I am passionate about. Thank goodness Nicole helped me to stop that.
Some of my media wins to date include:
-Local paper interviews
- A Current Affair
-Channel Nine
-ABC radio
-Australian Country
-USA and Australian podcast interviews and there is an interview with a major newspaper in the pipeline as well as a documentary.
Much of this simply would not have happened without the knowledge gained through Nicole and how to get myself out there and KEEP myself out there.
Thank you Nicole. You've been a huge help with this so I cannot thank you enough. I am thriving on it all.

Lannah Sawers-Diggins
Author of 'Red Dust Dreams'

Tim Pannell

I completed Nicole’s media training just over 12 months ago. I didn’t know much about the media but I knew we had a great story and product to share. After the training we set about becoming our own PR machine, which has worked a treat.

Day one of the media training I secured a podcast interview in the US and from there we have been generating our own media interviews.

From The Weekly Times, The Countryman, Adelaide Advertiser and local media interviews, I honed in my skills across a dozen interviews. In 2017 we won the WA Innovator of the Year Growth Category Award and from that was interviewed for the showcase video that was presented at the awards. Through my prior exposure with increased media engagement, I was able to handle the filming of the interview with ease. Since winning the award, Rocks Gone has been published in the Countryman, Farmonline, and the Australasian Farmers & Dealers Journal.

Regional Voices also interviewed me for a podcast on the topic of Innovation: a weekly radio program broadcast across more than 150 stations, with 1.591 million listeners in regional Australia, my target audience! This podcast was also promoted on social media and available to download from their website.

The results have been incredible and we can attribute significant business growth to the publicity we have received and are certainly heralded as the innovators and experts in our niche.

Thanks Nicole for your training and on-going support.”

Tim Pannell
Founder and Director, Rocks Gone

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"Nicole I am very excited to share my first success, I followed your system and was published in Learning and Development Professional just days after completing your course, with another media interview to follow. Your system really works - thank you!"

Dani Tamati

"Nicole is not only an industry expert but equally she has become a very trusted friend. Before I met Nic I had to make solid connections with industry like minded individuals who had the same values and experiences as myself -- I was not certain how to create good media publicity to attract these industry giants through utilising Nic's tools and connections she has now introduced me to several key media people which has ensured my business could reach and assist more people - my life's dream!"

Lyn Hawkins

"Great media tips from Nicci tonight at her workshop. Love the way she challenges business owners to get out of a place of comfort, put fear aside and stop procrastinating. With Nicci's pragmatic steps and formula based on her own remarkable success, you will definitely get media attention and become the "go to" authority. Check her out if you're keen to work that PR machine!"

Josh Smith

"Nicole is a really exceptional educator and an outstanding person. I've been to similar trainings like this before but always left feeling like my time had been wasted... Nicole is abundantly generous with the information she shares and comes from a place of true authenticity and a desire to serve which is rare! The other thing about Nicole is that she walks the talk, her credibility is through the roof and everything she teaches she teaches from a wealth of experience. If you want a marketing edge, if you want to grow your business quickly then I highly recommend you go to one of High-Profit Media's events or engage Nicole for a 1-on-1 where I have no doubt she'll blow your mind!"

Abheeti K. Pass

"I thoroughly enjoy working with Nicole. She is a great presenter: focussed and clear in her delivery and generous with her knowledge. I came away from a night listening to Nicole feeling empowered and very lucky to have crossed paths with her! The information Nicole presented was relevant and immediately useful for business people and entrepreneurs of every genre..She has a great sense of humour too! Having happily opted for a personal mentoring session with her shortly afterwards, I found connecting in person with Nicole to be a very positive experience. She listened attentively, gave me some practical, doable suggestions and even just after one hour, I had enough tasks to complete to fill 3 full days' work, which meant I was being guided by someone who understood me was able to share pertinent action steps. Am thrilled and excited to continue our working relationship as I feel supported, cheered on from the sidelines and very fortunate."

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